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4 Ways To Protect Your Data From Cyber Security Attacks​

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When we talk about network information security, we guess everyone is the stakeholder in this digital age. It is a common practice for every individual and organisation to carry on their social activities, business activities and financial activities on the internet. The increasing use of the internet is giving more opportunities to attack our important data.

Some years ago, people would suggest limiting the use of the internet for these important activities where your personal information is involved. But now we can only limit the use of internet at an expensive and almost unaffordable cost. We have become habitual of performing our daily tasks on a lightning speed just with a touch of a finger or a click of a mouse.

Ways to Protect Data from Cyber Attacks

For ensuring the safety of your data, we should go a step further by adopting few strategies to attain a sustainable peace of mind. We can activate firewalls, use antivirus, apply double authentication security or implement SIEM as a service for our network security.

Below are few of the strategies for securing our networks from attacks.

Implement two-factor authentication

We have been provided with this security feature for free by almost all the social and largely used networks to implement two-factor authentication. For example, if you are using Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook or Instagram, you continuously see a pop-up message appearing on your screen to implement two-factor authentication.

Implement two-factor authentication

It is very challenging for the hackers to break into your defenses when you have two security barriers installed. If by chance they break into your network and want to access your account, you will receive a message on your alternate email address, mobile phone or any device you have enrolled for the security message.

Hackers will be requiring two sets of credentials to hack your account. The second set of credential is very difficult for him to get because even if he knew your password, he probably wouldn’t know the device that you have subscribed to get the security alert.

Review your login history

If you are doubt about some suspicious activity being taken on your account, you should review your login history. Google gives this option to see your activity logs against your accounts, and it provides all the information such as your time of login, place and the device that you had logged in through.

Review your login history

By seeing the history, you can easily point out any suspicious activity and implement two-factor authentication on it for foolproof security. Every information security consultant recommends these little steps before giving you a proper network security plan.

Keep your system updated

It is important that all of your hardware and software should be updated so that hackers could not invade your networks. To improve your network security it is important that you keep an eye on the status of your system and keep things up to date.

Keep your system updated

These updates are programmed to counter the malicious attempts of these hackers and updating your system will give you an advantage of staying safe from the new hacking techniques.

Use Antivirus and firewalls

You should Keep the firewall activated and antivirus installed on your to block any spam, virus or malicious software from entering into your computer program. An updated firewall will keep track of all the traffic coming to your network and block the Trojan horses.

Keep your system updated

The other advantage of activating a firewall on your system is that you will keep the keyloggers from monitoring you. Keyloggers are a dangerous software which can monitor each keystroke and send this information to the hackers. It is very important to safeguard your important data from all sorts of threats.


We have become dreadful of hackers Because of the number of data breaches taking place every day. The victims of these cyber-attacks also include technology giants and big organizations which increases our fear of being easily vulnerable to these artful hackers.

The truth is otherwise, while there are thousands of programmers working on to counter these threats, there are only few hundred hackers which are less resourceful than the programmers who are making this malicious software. Keeping this probability in mind, we should come to a logical conclusion that it is more because of our carelessness than their skills that we fall prey to these attacks.

Network security is simple; we should take some simple steps to stay away from these manipulators by activating firewalls and updating security software.

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