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Why Intelligence-Driven Security Strategies Are Crucial For Retail Industry

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Over the years, the ratio of security breaches has been increased magnificently. Many industries saw augmented number of information attacks including state-owned organisations, services, technology professionals, and retail. It might be shocking for many readers that data attacks roughly compromised 4.5 billion records merely in the first half of the year 2018.

There is no denying the fact that everything comes with some benefits and threats. The same is the case with ecommerce. The advent of ecommerce not only helped the retailers to augment their business but also allured various attackers to expand their vested activities.

Why retail industry must focus on Threat Intelligence-driven security strategies

However, the ecommerce solutions are not limited to the computer systems connected within the retail stores but, retailers have to ensure accessibility of their online assets to various point-of-sale systems, handheld smart devices and kiosks. It is owing to the reason that retail businesses are operating through chains management. These multi-channel systems are exposing the retailers to severe challenges of cyber-security.

The recent news of data breach occurred at the famous fashion outlet Shein indicates the gravity of the matter. The disappointing fact is that the company was completely unaware of the actual loss and duration of the attack. It shows a lack of proper data security.

Threat Intelligence Based Cyber Security for Your Retail Business

It should be considered a wake-up call to move towards threat intelligence service to ensure adequate security of information systems. Let’s find a few things which highlight the importance of adopting a pro-active approach:

Anti-viruses provide limited protection​

No doubt, anti-viruses help significantly to protect from the cause of data breaches, but they are not able to work pro-actively. It is owing to the fact that anti-viruses were initially developed to suspend malicious activities one the scripted has executed.

Unfortunately, malicious scripts have become highly intelligent owing to technological advancement. Therefore, it is crucial to implement advanced data protection besides traditional anti-virus systems.

Standards are not equal to the comprehensive security​

Presently, the availability of the sheer amount of consumers’ information in business information systems allures many attackers for monetary gains. The cyber criminals are actively using this information to make online purchases, sending gifts and dealing in rewards programs to share information. You may consider it full-fledged marketing operating in the dark.

In such a grave situation of information insecurity, implementation of standards and policies is not enough. The retailers must understand the need for intelligent systems which can observe human activity patterns to distinguish the falsehood among the original users.

Artificial Intelligence for extended visibility

The latest wave of critical security breaches, it has become evident that without having smart security, the protection of confidential data is not possible. It is the reason that many organisations have started deploying threat intelligence.

It offers extended visibility to the connected devices with the system to ensure the efficiency of security systems. Further, artificial intelligence with a combination of machine learning can be considered the panacea of all data security challenges posed to the retail industry.

Takes Away

To sum up, the retail industry is considerably reaping the benefits of technology. It is owing to the fact that online systems have eased the work to a considerable extent. The exciting thing about ecommerce is that it helps the people to experience hustle-free shopping. So, they enter their confidential information for payments and related stuff.

Now, it is the responsibility of retailers to protect the costumers’ information from unauthorised access. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that traditional data protection procedures are of no use. It is because of the complexity of data breaches.

Don’t forget to get the most efficient security systems for your retail operations to safeguard your company’s reputation. So, it is suggested to implement threat intelligence-based strategies for securing confidential information of the people.

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