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What Is A Managed Firewall


Difference Between The Firewall and Managed Firewall

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When is everything becoming digital then what is that one thing which is growing in excess?

It is the data which is being stored and produced by the companies and people in general. To keep up with safety and security of the data, saving it from hackers becomes essential.

So, one of the ways to have a robust security measure is to have firewalls. If you are not sure what a firewall is, then it is a security network device responsible for enabling the monitoring of incoming and outgoing network traffic. During the process, the device will decide based on monitoring if to allow or block the specific traffic on the basis of security rules.

For any organization, the firewall has been the first security options and still is very much implemented. However, over time the concept has been evolved and advanced, and that is when the idea of managed firewall rolled in. It is a relatively new concept based on the idea of how to manage the activities and process of firewall once the device has been purchased.

If you are concern about the organization's data asset, you must get adequate managed SOC services for comprehensive information security. This not only incorporates firewall protection but many more professional services to ensure active monitoring of communication networks.

Purchasing the device is only the first step because in this rapidly evolving era of threat you can't rely on the function of the device.

Difference between the firewall and managed firewall:​

What Is A Managed Firewall


  • Firewall is a DEVICE or a part of a computer system
  • Keep the bad guys out of the circle.
  • Substantial investment in purchase and configuration
  • Designed to block illegal access to any network or system
  • Secure your network and employees to stay away from risky sites
  • Provide relevant information about outsider and insider threats to your business

Managed firewalls:

  • It is a SERVICE provided by managed security service centers or providers.
  • Monitor the network traffic to comprehend between normal and abnormal behaviour.
  • Filter the web content and block the access of malicious sites.
  • Professionals handling the overall monitoring and how the device is operating.
  • Reduce the administrative work of updating and monitoring firewalls.
  • Real people managing the environment of firewall complying to security regulations.

Which firewall is better?

There is no competition on which one is better because one is built on the other. Managed firewall is mainly relying on the firewall because come on if you won’t have a device how you would manage its services.


But if you still have to ask, then it is because managed is better because real people in real setting will be checking the operations and the work of the device. If you set up a device and let it do its function, then it will not be as effective as it will be when human beings are managing it.

Final words:​

When you are considering the organization's information security, acquiring the right managed security can be regarded as the panacea for all information security threats.

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